Day 161: Ikea and Warren Buffett Jokes

Late Night with Seth Meyers
On Sunday a six day search for a missing twelve year old boy ended when he was found inside an IKEA store. Searchers said they had plenty of clues, but they had a hell of a time putting them together.

Warren Buffett‘s company has bought Duracell for $6.4 billion. I think he overpaid because batteries aren’t included.


Day 145: Jokes in the News

Stock market is going crazy. Last week investor Warren Buffett lost $2 billion. Luckily he found it this morning under a pile of $8 billion.

The CDC says anyone flying from Ebola-infected countries to the U.S. will be monitored for 3 weeks. Of course, In Los Angeles monitoring a sick person for 3 weeks is known as a reality show.