Day 280: Sex Jokes

Scientists think they might have discovered a vaccine for Chlamydia. Currently, the only surefire way to avoid getting Chlamydia is to wear Crocs on a first date.

The man who created a popular brand of sex doll is working on a model that can talk. He is being accused of not understanding the main appeal of a sex doll.

Day 273: Sex Jokes

Apple has a new smartphone app that lets people track their sexual activity. And if the person hasn’t had sex in awhile, it automatically sets itself to vibrate.

Scientists have established that an iconic California redwood is only 777 years old. Kind of funny coincidence, as Iconic California Redwood used to be my porn name.

Day 260: Sex Jokes

A new poll revealed that over a third of Americans have had sex in a public place. The poll was sponsored by the makers of Purell.

Late Night with Seth Meyers
A new study has found that men prefer sex from 6 am to 9 am while women prefer it from 11 pm to 2 am. Said men, “That’s fine, too.”

Day 248: Sex Jokes

Late Night with Seth Meyers
The CDC is advising Ebola survivors to abstain from sex. And if you’re having trouble abstaining from sex, a little trick you could use is telling people you had Ebola.

A new study suggests students studying the arts have more sex than students studying other subjects. And students who study the arts will be screwed after graduation, too.


Day 198: Taiwan Sex Park Jokes

Taiwan is set to open a sex-themed amusement park. You can tell it was inspired by Disneyland because one of the attractions is, “Mr. Toad’s Unprotected Ride.”

In Taiwan, an adult amusement park is being built with sex-themed rides, including a giant penis ride. The worst part is, the giant penis ride ends at Splash Mountain.