Day 59: Amazon Fire and Starbucks Jokes

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the company’s first ever smartphone, called the Fire Phone. The way it works is there are four infrared cameras on the front of the phone that track your head movements and the phone adjusts to make it appear as if the images are three dimensional. It’s funny: If the government announced it was going to equip us with a device that monitors our location and tracks our eye movement we’d be furious, but when a website does it we ask, “Can I get it in gold?”

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Starbucks announced a new program that will pay employees to take online classes at Arizona State. Said Starbucks employees, “We already went there, that’s why we work at Starbucks.”

Starbucks announced it’s going to make it possible for thousands of its employees to go to college. The CEO said there’s nothing like a four-year liberal arts degree to ensure they’re end up back here working at Starbucks.


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