Day 5: Texas Blackberrys

Late Night with Seth Meyers
T-Mobile announced that it will no longer sell BlackBerry phones after April 25, 2014. The announcement came as a shock to BlackBerry owners who said, “It’s 2014?”

Firefighters in the UK rescued a 16 year-old girl after she got stuck in a storm drain while trying to retrieve her BlackBerry. Isn’t that crazy? A teenager with a BlackBerry.

I like how Texans abbreviate things. “How do you do” became “Howdy,” “You all” became “Y’all,” and hell on Earth became El Paso.

I learned that your governor, Rick Perry, got his degree in animal husbandry, had has own father-in-law perform his own vasectomy, and in the 80s his nickname was “Crotch.” As a late night comedian, Texas, I’m begging you, please make this guy run for President.

Southwest is headquartered in Dallas. In honor of this being the headquarters of Southwest Airlines, the show will be delayed for 2 hours.

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