Day 40: More Donald Sterling

Late Show with David Letterman
A guy in Tennessee was arrested with having sex with an ATM machine. Having sex with a cash machine…hasn’t that been what Donald Sterling’s girlfriend’s been doing?

In a new interview about the Donald Sterling scandal, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he knows he’s prejudiced, too. In fact, Cuban admits he’s so racist he’s trying to get his last name deported.

In a new biography, Michael Jordan said as a kid he saw so much racism that he began to hate all white people. Jordan said he only started to feel compassion for white people after watching them play basketball.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
The curious case of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his female companion V. Stiviano deepens. She’s now reportedly being investigated on extortion charges for allegedly asking Sterling for payment in exchange for not releasing more damaging audio recordings. That is a no-no, especially in this case. You know, blackmail is Donald Sterling’s least favorite kind of mail.

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